Record of FHG Meeting 21/12/23


Present: D. A., J.B., A. C., M.L., C. M., J.P. & K. P.

  1. K.P. shared selected Minutes of Council Meetings 1915-18, (kept at Local Studies Library); these relate to widening and lighting of Fulwood Road. Dr. Inkster is mentiond: Samuel Macaulay Inkster was born in 1848 in Shetland and was one of Sheffield’s Certifying Factory Inspectors in the early days of health and safety
  2. A.C. shared research into Ringinglow, including Roundhouse
  3. A.C. shared research into Whiteley Woods Hall and Phoebe Silcock’s brother which led to discussion around the ways in which medical conditions were understood and labelled
  4. Paths and roads: recent publication of Fullwood Hall – the First 600 Years (Hostombe & Crutch) sparked discussion of siting and construction of Harrison Lane, rights of way, comparisons with Longshaw estate, causeways, cart tracks and footpaths, (recommended book on this topic by archaeologist Jim Leary: Footmarks – A Journey into our Restless Past (2023))
  5. K.P. shared copy of brochure for newly built Stumperlowe Mansions c.1938; notable in its promotion of gas as form of power, quality of its architectural style, its fittings and furnishings (supplied by Cockaynes), as well as social aspect; ML’s connection with the site and waterway running through it
  6. D.A. shared late 18th century field maps relating to Fulwood Spring – could this be the spa? Fieldnames with ‘spring’ and ‘well’, probably located in woodland between Woodcliffe and Hangram Lane: needs further investigation
  7. D.A. shared maps relating to Crimicar Lane’s Goulhirst woodland area; discussion around naming/misnaming/evolution of names – Goole, Goul, Gilchrest
  8. Bower Hill Farm and its last residents c.1950s
  9. Goole Green hamlet dating from the 18th century at least until the late 1960s: buildings included Goole Green Farm with its surviving barn, (Guild Hall), Goole Green House and Goole Green Cottage; members of that community remembered by D.A. as well as members of local FB groups
  10. M.L. demonstrated a test website he’s developing and its search facility/database; feedback given about the usability of the online web search for Fulwood addresses and Census data; group encouraged to visit the website and give further feedback on search facilities
  11. More discussion of memories of Fullwood Hall
  12. Sports grounds: large number of sports fields in area; often belonged to works sports clubs such as Dixon’s Cornish Works; indicates philanthropic/paternalistic attitudes of factory owners towards workers
  13. Next meeting: 18th January 2024; no February open meeting; writing/posting on FHG site encouraged in meantime

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