Record of FHG Meeting 16/5/24

Record of Fulwood History Group Meeting 16/5/24

Present: J.B., A.C., R.F., M.G., M.L., C.M., D.M., J.P. & K. P. + 1

A Ranmoor Ramble : for this meeting we strayed off Fulwood territory

Link to 1906 map of area

We met at Ranmoor St John’s and heard about MG’s Scissors Paper Stone project

We then walked north up Ranmoor Park Road which included:

  • site of Ballard Hall: named after Alderman Ballard: Chairman, National Co-operative Party; member of Sheffield City Council; Chairman, United Sheffield Hospitals, Board of Governors
  • Ranmoor Parish Centre – Ranfall – in late 40s was Ranfall Nurses’ Home
  • Impressive house at 16 Tapton Park Road
  • Triangular green
  • Where Ranmoor Park Road ends at ‘The Rigi’, which forms a cul-de-sac; discussed reasons for its name, its boundary wall

Left down Ranmoor Crescent which included DM’s explanation of inscriptions seen on telegraph poles

Onto Ranmoor Road – including discussion of remarkable drain covers

Ramble concluded at Ranmoor Inn.

N.B. Graham Hague’s piece from The Star 29/12/20 covers some similar ground

Next meeting/walk 20th June – details tbc

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