Gilcrest Wood

This area of local green space has had a number of names over the centuries: maps from the 1700s indicate it was known as Goulhirst or Gallhirst, (perhaps linking to Goole/Gold as in Goole Green). More recently, the area was named by local people as  Bluebell Wood, The Meadow and simply The Field. Its official name, according to the local authority, is Crimicar Lane Open Space. In 2013, a local group formed to take care of this precious area and, in keeping with historical records, have adopted the name Gilcrest Wood and Meadow. For more information, here’s a link to their website:


One thought on “Gilcrest Wood

  1. Another possible link is to the name ‘Gilling’. In the Chorley Road area, there were once two fields called Great Gilling and Little Gilling. Stumperlowe Cottage stands on what was Little Gilling and a house on Chorley Road is called Great Gilling.

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