Notes of FHG Meeting 16/11/23

Present: JB, ML, CM, J&KP

1 Remembrance Day ceremony which took place at Fulwood War Memorial on 12th.

  • People involved
  • Land around the war memorial – ownership and use

2            FHG website update

  • Connected to importance of keeping record of our meetings
  • Way to keep relatively large number of people connected
  • Design, accessibility, structure and functionality: Matthew took notes
  • Posting and adding longer articles
  • Current contributions to the site
  • Looked at C. Jenkins’ Stumperlowe article on site and wondered about source of this and the ‘Stump’ burial story

3   Archaeological connections: Matthew shared pictures of neolithic (?) quern-         stone sites on Ringinglow moors from his work with Dr. Tim Cockrell and team from Sheffield Uni; led to discussion of rock art in Ecclesall woods and elsewhere in our area

4 Discussion around nature of our memories and our histories

5 House numbering: included Stand’ area and racecourses in Broomhill & Redmires

6  Rights of way and local developments included

  • Field behind Scout Hut
  • Artic Monkeys

7  Looked through Histories ‘n’ Oddities ‘r’ Old Fulwood (HOOF) – booklets 1, 6 & 7.  These were written, (probably over the last decade), by Susan Hedges who used to live at Beech Dene cottages

8  Future plans

  • Next meeting – Thursday December 21st – mince pies?
  • Set out rough plan for future meetings, including large ones
  • To develop knowledge for collecting oral histories
  • Possibility of having a ‘booth’ at events to collect people’s recollections

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