George and Ronald Goulden

George and Ronald Goulden

Brothers George, born 1914, and Ronald Goulden, born 1921, were the first and third child of George Herbert Goulden and his wife Elizabeth (nee Ellis). George Herbert was a native of Warrington and all his children were born at Wallasey. George Herbert began working life as a cashier becoming a traveller for the Falkirk Iron Company based in Liverpool. By 1931 the family was living at 3 Barncliffe Crescent, a move probably came about because George secured a better job. We know about this move because George was caught driving without a valid licence in that year. This was in Northampton and the brief report in a local paper recorded that he was a traveller.

Ronald attended the Sheffield City Grammar School (he is named on the school’s war memorial plaque) and it is likely that George was a pupil of the school as well.

(The second child were Marian, born 1916, and Harold, born 1924)

George Goulden and Doris Atherton

George Herbert joined the Royal Regiment of Artillery in 1938. He married Doris Atherton in October 1939, the Telegraph reporting that George was serving with an anti-aircraft battery. In March 1941, George transferred to the Intelligence Corps.

Ronald joined the same regiment as George. Unfortunately, the regiment only recorded the soldiers’ names, so other data such as enlistment date and age are missing but it is likely he joined up in 1938. Again, like his brother he was with an anti-aircraft unit. By 1941, Ronald was serving in the Middle East with the 8th Army. He died of wounds on 15th May 1941 and it is probable that he was killed during the battle.

Ronald’s name is inscribed on the Alamein Memorial and on the plaque in the South Porch of Fulwood Church.

George survived the war. He died in 1966 at Rotherham.